Just posted our 10th Episode

We have been cranking out a new episode every Monday for the past couple of months and today we cracked double digits. Ten episodes. I’m definitely still learning a lot and getting better on the mic, but so far I’m thrilled with what we’ve created.

As always these days, it seems that for every hour spent making a project you’ve got to spend four hours promoting it in order to make a dent in the public consciousness. THAT is turning out to be the trickiest thing to learn. Twitter? Facebook? Reddit? Tumblr? …how about all-of-the-above? We’re trying to hit all of them, but we have a long, long way to go.

In today’s episode, we celebrate making it this far and take an honest look at what commenters have said are our shortcomings. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course, but it seems clear that a lot of those opinions come from people who aren’t putting anything creative out into the world, themselves. It is easy to throw shade and type snark. It is tougher to put yourself ‘out there.’

Enjoy. Subscribe. Share.

… and be good to each other out there.


The new show launches TODAY!

It is finally, finally happening. Today Blunt Farce posted the first episode of my long-awaited (by me anyway) Animated Talk Show!

The plan is to post a new show every Monday. We hope to keep you entertained.

Watch. Enjoy. Subscribe.

Time to tune in!

The long-threatened “Bud Fallbrook 3.0” has launched!
man in blue suit hosting talk show

Get your first real glimpse of the new “talk show” format with this one-minute promo video. NOW the big push for subscribers and a bigger audience will start, but I want to thank the small number of you who’ve continued to want more Bud, in spite of all the false-starts and set-backs.

We’re still figuring out how we’re going to do things, but at least we’re doing them instead of (endlessly) talking about them.

A huge thank-you to everyone for their patience & support.


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Bud Fallbrook 3.0 ? Could Be.

bud fallbrook man with finger raisedLet’s start with the obvious: This is a very heavy and serious time in the world. If you ever wondered how you would act at a pivotal moment that’ll surely be the subject of future history books, now is your chance to find out. I hope anyone who is a friend or fan is approaching things the way we are by staying informed and looking for opportunities to help out.

This abrupt shut-down of everything resembling peoples’ “normal lives” has been a double-edged sword. Like most folks, money and the making of it, has definitely become an issue here, but on the other hand, having all that idle time has given some folks [ie: our overlords at Blunt Farce] the time and energy, and maybe desperation, to look back on some good ideas that might have been too time-consuming in the past.

Yes, we’re retooling for the up-teenth time, but it looks like the ‘talk show’ format is staying, as is my friend DJ2old. They are even talking about trying to do it as a daily show… That sounds impossible to me, but it could be exciting.

So, my patient friends… Stay Tuned!

The Bud Fallbrook Show official logo

Bud Fallbrook 2.0

New Bud Fallbrook

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy and doing the best they can to help each other. Yes, that’s the “new” me on the right and the old me on the left. What happened? Kind of a lot really.

A few years ago, the “old” Bud kind of had a shot at actually getting on real television, on a network we can’t name, but let’s just say it shows a lot of cartoons. That led to all kinds of delays, dashed hopes, “exclusive” lockdowns and sometimes less-than-cool behavior. So the project kind of died.

In the meantime, real life got busier for our overlords at Blunt Farce, much too busy to spend hours and hours animating me (for no money,) and I pretty much became a “good idea that never really got off the ground.” But now, with the world “on hold” and more free time/unemployment, it looks like I’ll be coming to life again soon, back on the Blunt Farce Youtube Channel, with a new look, a new format and some new friends.

But why the “new look” ??

Believe me, it wasn’t my idea. The company that makes the animation software used to create me decided to “pivot” away from being a platform for serious cartooning and instead morph into something simpler and more suitable for sales and marketing presentations… but they have also added a lot of interesting functionality that wasn’t available a few years ago when we made our original episodes. To my way of thinking (and the BF overlords agree) that just makes this kind of “vanilla” imagery all the more ripe for subversion.

Be Safe & Stay Tuned !

Updates and a new Highly Rated Video.

Hello Everyone!

Thank-you for your continued patience and support. The overlords at Blunt Farce have been dealing with some technical problems with the long-awaited Episode 5, but I’m told they are working feverishly to get back on track. Meanwhile I’ve been flattered by more and more people finding/friending me on Facebook and on Twitter… which makes me feel like I’ve really been dropping the ball when it comes to posting new material, musings or related silliness… so I’m going to try to do better.

…and why not start with a new “Highly Rated Video Pick” like this one?

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind.

New Year. Still Here. Hear Hear !

Wow and hey. We’re nearly a week deep into the brand-new year and it is already shaping up to be a great one. Episode 4 has been released into the wilds of youtubery and has so far gotten some nice feedback. Meanwhile all VO for episode 5 has been recorded. I don’t know if they’ve edited the audio all down yet, but I’m told they’ve started doing some animation tests. Should be a good episode. The corporate overlords at Blunt ¬†Farce also tell me that they’ve had some tiny tiny bits of interest from some bigger fish. I don’t know what that means exactly, but I assume it is a good thing since they were smiling when they said it.

All I can say is thank-you for such a great 2011. Connecting with old friends and new fans on Facebook and Twitter has been a treat. I thank everyone for every repost, retweet and external link that has helped get the cartoons to more and more people. I hope everyone feels like I have adequately returned such favors. I DO love telling my friends about other cool stuff that you are all doing… so keep up the creativity and sharing… It is still a big world out there and it needs to be filled with joy and magic, and yeah, I might be a little bit ‘medicated’ as I type this.

As for 2012 resolutions, I’m going to try to post more regularly here on the this website. I had no idea people actually wait to see -and share- my “Highly Rated Video Picks” …so I promise there will be more of those. I also resolve to get better at twitter and to really start expanding on that. …but most importantly I’m hoping we can crank out new episodes of the cartoon at more regular intervals.

I hope we ALL have a great 2012.

Me. You. Blunt Farce and…

my beloved HANSHIN TIGERS  !!

New Episode update.

Thrilled to report that people are starting to notice the NEW episode and they seem to be digging it… just found out that the good folks at “Stuff Stoners Like” made our orig. ‘pilot’ episode today’s “Featured Video of the Day.” Nice! So check out their Featured Video page by clicking the image below, and while you’re there, check out their whole website and support their sponsors!

> click below <

New Episode up and running !

Hello everyone. I am happy to report that the corporate overlords at Blunt Farce have finally finished and posted Episode 4 on the youtube page!

Thank-you for your endless patience. I hope you like it. We’re already working on the NEXT episode.

Have a great Holiday Season. 2012 is looking to be a biiiig year.

Click the picture below to go directly to our YouTube page. Enjoy !


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