Bud Fallbrook 2.0

New Bud Fallbrook

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy and doing the best they can to help each other. Yes, that’s the “new” me on the right and the old me on the left. What happened? Kind of a lot really.

A few years ago, the “old” Bud kind of had a shot at actually getting on real television, on a network we can’t name, but let’s just say it shows a lot of cartoons. That led to all kinds of delays, dashed hopes, “exclusive” lockdowns and sometimes less-than-cool behavior. So the project kind of died.

In the meantime, real life got busier for our overlords at Blunt Farce, much too busy to spend hours and hours animating me (for no money,) and I pretty much became a “good idea that never really got off the ground.” But now, with the world “on hold” and more free time/unemployment, it looks like I’ll be coming to life again soon, back on the Blunt Farce Youtube Channel, with a new look, a new format and some new friends.

But why the “new look” ??

Believe me, it wasn’t my idea. The company that makes the animation software used to create me decided to “pivot” away from being a platform for serious cartooning and instead morph into something simpler and more suitable for sales and marketing presentations… but they have also added a lot of interesting functionality that wasn’t available a few years ago when we made our original episodes. To my way of thinking (and the BF overlords agree) that just makes this kind of “vanilla” imagery all the more ripe for subversion.

Be Safe & Stay Tuned !


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