Bud Fallbrook 3.0 ? Could Be.

bud fallbrook man with finger raisedLet’s start with the obvious: This is a very heavy and serious time in the world. If you ever wondered how you would act at a pivotal moment that’ll surely be the subject of future history books, now is your chance to find out. I hope anyone who is a friend or fan is approaching things the way we are by staying informed and looking for opportunities to help out.

This abrupt shut-down of everything resembling peoples’ “normal lives” has been a double-edged sword. Like most folks, money and the making of it, has definitely become an issue here, but on the other hand, having all that idle time has given some folks [ie: our overlords at Blunt Farce] the time and energy, and maybe desperation, to look back on some good ideas that might have been too time-consuming in the past.

Yes, we’re retooling for the up-teenth time, but it looks like the ‘talk show’ format is staying, as is my friend DJ2old. They are even talking about trying to do it as a daily show… That sounds impossible to me, but it could be exciting.

So, my patient friends… Stay Tuned!

The Bud Fallbrook Show official logo

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