Just posted our 10th Episode

man in blue suit hosting talk show

We have been cranking out a new episode every Monday for the past couple of months and today we cracked double digits. Ten episodes. I’m definitely still learning a lot and getting better on the mic, but so far I’m thrilled with what we’ve created.

As always these days, it seems that for every hour spent making a project you’ve got to spend four hours promoting it in order to make a dent in the public consciousness. THAT is turning out to be the trickiest thing to learn. Twitter? Facebook? Reddit? Tumblr? …how about all-of-the-above? We’re trying to hit all of them, but we have a long, long way to go.

In today’s episode, we celebrate making it this far and take an honest look at what commenters have said are our shortcomings. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion of course, but it seems clear that a lot of those opinions come from people who aren’t putting anything creative out into the world, themselves. It is easy to throw shade and type snark. It is tougher to put yourself ‘out there.’

Enjoy. Subscribe. Share.

… and be good to each other out there.


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