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Greetings to visitors from every dimension!

old me now me bud fallbrook

Welcome. Thanks for dropping in.

While I usually hesitate to use the word “resurrection,” I’m not sure how else to explain the fact that I still exist here in the Second Dimension and appear to be making a comeback. I guess our overlords at BLUNT FARCE decided they once again had the time and resources available to get me back on the web. Maybe they lost a lot of clients during the lockdown, I don’t know. I just know they recreated me in a slightly different form, but I’m still the same ol’ Bud.

Why the change?

The new look has everything to do with the software used to create me. According to our overlords at Blunt Farce, in the years since my initial incarnation “…the animation company ‘pivoted away’ from being a cartoon creation tool for serious cartoonists, and more toward a ‘Hey! Let’s make marketing videos!’ kind of set-up, which in our opinion just makes it even more ripe for subversion.” If they say so, that is fine with me. I’m just tired of waiting, getting my hopes up and then having them pull the plug again (and again.)

You should also visit the Blunt Farce Channel on Youtube. There you’ll find all of the original Bud Fallbrook episodes; the ones that racked up over 110,000 views and started it all, along with promos and even a blooper or two…. and please subscribe so you don’t miss the new stuff!

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