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The latest “Highly Rated Video Pick”

Want to travel travel through 2,200 miles of woodlands without leaving your chair? …and do it in less than five minutes? … Then check out my latest “Highly Rated Video Pick” : GREEN TUNNEL.

Note: I would try it with your own choice of music…

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind.

March Mellowness

Digging the feedback on Episode 3 and finally starting to hear rumblings about Episode 4.

…but right  now I’m in the mood for a new “Highly Rated Video Pick.” The still-astounding-after-all-these-years Nicholas Brothers.

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind.

Feelgood February and a new highly rated video.

Hope you’re all having a great year so far. I couldn’t be happier. The new episode (have you seen it yet ??) is starting to get some views and I’ve been thrlled by all the new friends who have been joining my facebook page, almost 3,000 (wow!)

There is – as always – so much to be thankful for in this weird, wonderful & surprising world. Tune in. Help out.

…and for the latest “Highly Rated Video Pick,” here is a classic bit of Television.

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind.

Bud’s Latest Highly Rated Video Pick

Hey gang. Keep watching the new episode – and keep adding comments and subscriptions. Thank-you !

Meanwhile, here is the latest video pic. a classic Saul Bass short.

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind:

Episode 3 Up and running !!

Yes. Finally. Blunt Farce has posted Episode 3. This is unexpected and great news because last I had heard it was looking like it would be weeks before it went up. The wait is over. Thank-you all for your patience… and please wait at least a week before you start asking when “Episode 4” will be ready.

Go to the Blunt Farce channel and let us know what you think.

…and more importantly let your friends know.

Bud’s Latest Highly Rated Video Pick.

I know. I said Episode 3 would be posted soon. It IS finished. 100% in the can and ready to go. The problem is: I can’t get a decent download of the file – there are conversion and ‘transcoding’ problems with it… Customer Service says they’re working on it and will let us know when we can “try downloading” again…. try?  … As you well know, it takes A LOT for me to lose my chill, but these delays are really starting to wear on me and all of us. Blunt Farce tells me they’re doing the best they can. …I can only ask for continued patience… and in the meantime: While you’re waiting, why not check out my latest ‘highly rated video pick’ ??

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind:


Episode 3 update !

Episode Three is finished! In the can! Finito!  …now the fun part: going back and forth with ‘customer support’ while we try to figure out why the file Blunt Farce downloaded is full of glitches that aren’t in the original… Once THOSE get straightened out, then we’ll be able to post it to the YouTube channel.
Thanks for your patience everyone.

Bud’s latest Highly rated video pick.

Work on episode 3 continues… I’m told they’re close to finishing, but I’ve been hearing that for weeks. While you’re waiting, why not check out my latest ‘highly rated video pick’ ??

Very enjoyable when in the right frame of mind.


Episode 3 – officially locked down.

I’ve just been informed by the overlords at Blunt Farce that we have ‘picture lock’ for Episode 3. Clocking in at nearly 7 minutes, the animation AND the voice over tracks are all put down and synced up. Now they have to add all the music and sound FX… then, finally, we’ll be able to put up the new episode.

What we’re thankful for tonight…

Sorry I haven’t posted a new ‘video pic’ lately. I haven’t been lazy or spacing out (I wish,) no – We’ve been BUSY!

It might be a few days past Thanksgiving, but here at nearly 1:30am on a Tuesday mornin’ I’m thankful for this: Tonight we/they wrapped up primary animation for Episode Three. Sweet!

They still have to add all the music and sound effects, and I’m sure there will be changes made to the animation as well, but they have it all laid down now, from first frame to last. It took forever (I’m not judging) so it is a big accomplishment. Below is a pic pulled from the new episode. For a few more, click over to BLUNT FARCE.

Me and Zanda on a ‘Movie Night.’

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