…and we’re back.

Well finally, a 2nd post on this website… and here I am already revamping everything. Changed the ‘theme’ and added some new pictures as well as a new page with some links and what-have-you.

We had a bit of enforced hiatus to contend with, but I just heard from the overlords at Blunt Farce… They’re ready to get to work on the new episode. I’m sure that’ll make my friends happy.


…the world ignores the birth of yet another website.

Glad to be here. This first post is just an introduction of course. I’m Bud and I’ll be your host on this little website… come along for the ride as I figure out what it is I want to say, see, link to and otherwise dig. I’m hoping this will be an enjoyable & worthwhile supplement to all the animated shenanigans we’ll be posting on the youtube channel.

…feel free to say hello. Don’t be shy now. We’re all in this together.

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